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August 13, 2017
hemp and pets

Bear loves to hang out around the hemp.

Otto and Ember taking a break from harvest

Hemp and Pets! Here at our organic hemp farm in Silverton Oregon, we have some lovely pets that enjoy lending a helping hand. They also get to benefit from the healing properties of CBD, just like you and me! From health problems ranging from arthritis to anxiety, CBD for your pets can provide great benefits. Pets have an endocannabinoid system just like humans, allowing pets and their pet owners to get the same benefits of CBD. We hope you enjoy these adorable photos of our farm cuties. 

From the organic hemp flower we make your favorite products like our  hemp tea, cbd salve, cbd salve stick, cbd essential gel, cbd mints, hemp heat pack, and more!

Our organic CBD flower produces some of your favorite flower like our opulence strain, acdc hemp flower, white cbg, matterhorn, organic hemp flower tea and so much more!
Would you like to stay up to date with our family farming shenanigans? Follow us on social media 🙂 Things are changing on the farm all the time and we are always updating products to make life better for you! Let’s be friends 🙂




Baby Tom is enjoying the hemp.

hemp and pets

Otto always waiting for his next job

hemp and pets

When Tom isn’t laying on laps or trying to use the keyboard in the office

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