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A Unique Find- Walk Through the Hemp
August 23, 2018
Hemp Attorney, Courtney
Hemp Attorney, Courtney N. Moran, LL.M., in Oregon Leaf Magazine – The Hemp Issue
December 5, 2018
Harvest 2018

Harvest 2018

What an exciting year for our hemp farm in Oregon, harvesting our very first crop! Look at all those smiling faces! In these photos you’ll find us cutting the hemp plants down at the base to leave the roots in the ground, playing hide and seek among the buds, and Otto the farm pup chillin’ in the 4×4.  We are also measuring how tall the Oregon hemp plants grew with our 2018 harvest and trimming giant beautiful buds off of said hemp plants. The farm is filled with happy youthful individuals who are dedicated to making the world a greener place, with happiness and healing in mind. We are very thankful for the care that everyone has put into our farm, you are all appreciated very much. Thank you.

From the organic hemp flower we make your favorite products like our  hemp tea, cbd salve, cbd salve stick, cbd essential gel, cbd mints, hemp heat pack, and more!

Our organic CBD flower produces some of your favorite flower like our opulence strain, acdc hemp flower, white cbg, matterhorn, organic hemp flower tea and so much more!
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harvest 2018harvest 2018


harvest 2018 harvest 2018 harvest 2018

harvest 2018 harvest 2018




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