Soil your undies challenge
“Soil Your Undies” Challenge
July 24, 2020
January 2022 Reflecting on 2021
January 5, 2022
Hemp Harvest 2021

Week 3 into Harvest 2021. This has been such a challenging year since Covid. We had to evacuate from the fires last September, we had a devastating ice storm that took out several of our Oak Trees and in July we had a Heat Dome. The challenges are still ongoing with a small work force. But we are grateful to have young kids who are willing to take their days off school to help with Harvest! We are currently harvesting Certified Organic Pine Walker and Forbidden CBDV. It is beautiful and the colas are big and juicy! Stay tuned for more updates!

Beautiful October Sunset

Brian and Chris back for another year of harvest

Working hard on Saturday mornings


Curing the Hemp, while burping it daily (which is opening and closing the bag)


Trimming the Hemp!

Have to let it dry for about 5 days

another method of drying

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