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Some Customer Reviews: In this blog post we’d love to share feedback from our customers. We try our best to go above and beyond for our customers, and we believe that the number one ingredient in organic food and products is integrity. It is important to note that these products are not approved by the FDA for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of any disease. With that being said, we still believe there are so many benefits of the hemp plant, benefits for our body, mind, and planet. This is a compilation of reviews from Google, Facebook, and emails that we have all gotten permission to share. After all, we make these products to benefit your lives, and it really tickles us when we hear such amazing feedback from you all. Let’s dive in!

Some Customer Reviews

customer reviews

“Your tea is my favorite. I drink it almost every night.”

“I received your package in the mail yesterday and I wanted to say thank you! These buds look absolutely AMAZING! That was very nice of you guys to include a free pre-roll of your CBG White strain as well šŸ™‚ Thank you. I truly believe you guys are the best in the business and I believe in what you do. I’m so grateful to have your products as they have had such a positive impact on my life through the love and care you guys put into everything you do.”

“My favorites are the pain gel, on the go salve stick, and peppermint tea!”

“Their CBD salve stick stays in my to-go bag at all times. It is a lifesaver for chronic aches and pains in my muscles. Highly recommend trying out some of their products, specifically the CBD on the go stick!”

“This small town family operated farm is one of a kind! They have down to earth values and personalities. Just gotta love them! Their CBD products are the best!”

“Whole Circle Farms puts a lot of thought and love into their farm and goods. You can tell that even from a sample. I got a couple of samples from them recently and I absolutely love their CBD gel. It felt amazing going on, smelled amazing, and worked well! Iā€™d highly recommend their products!!”

“As a conservative senior citizen, I was initially just curious about CBD, due to the long list of ailments this plant molecule claims to address. Wading through multitudes of marketing web sites was a daunting process. What to believe? Buy from strangers or anonymous corporations? My physician could give me NO advice. Fortunately, I knew the Kochs and and had previously visited their new hemp farm in Silverton. So I tried their CBD 25 mg hemp capsules based upon faith and trust. I was amazed to find that major inflammation in my left foot from previous injury and arthritis disappeared within 2 days! I did not expect this to happen. Inflammation in other parts of my body (stomach) has also subsided. I will be buying more. It feels safe, and I know it works.”

Are you enjoying some of these costumer reviews? Don’t worry, we have more!

customer reviews

“We just love the CBD Gel!”

“By far the best CBD products I’ve ever tried! In the past I’ve used many products that don’t even come close to the quality, strength, effectiveness, sustainability, nor variety! They use the best methods of extraction and methods of farming, that you can really tell through the products. The salves have revolutionaized my pain in my feet and has helped me in so many other ailments, especially problems on my skin. The teas are great, help me sleep soundly, and relax me when I’m stressed. I’ve fallen in love with the tinctures, they have really helped me with stress management and also my anxiety. I’ve visited their organic farm and seen their methods of farming and WOW! This is a farm and family I am proud to be putting my money where my mouth is!

“Love your flower selection and the tea! Both are very tasty and effective! You guys make awesome products, keep up the good work!”

“Thanks for having the only CBG in the country I trust.”

“Hi I have been purchasing CBD salve, tincture, capsules from whole circle farms for about 4 months. Recently, I placed an order for several of there CBD products, one of which was the CBD salve. I had a problem with one of there bottles not the salve but the bottle. I was pleasantly surprised! They sent me a whole new bottle that I did not expect!! WOW! GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE Truly a family run business with integrity! I will continue to do business with Whole Circle Farms!”

“My favorite place to buy CBD products!! Excellent quality and value. They take the time to listen to your needs and recommend the right products for you too!!”

“Always high quality. Cbd helps my arthritis pain. Great company to deal with.”

“Whole Circle Farms- Integrity. This family has it. Their hearts are souls are all about producing the highest quality organic hemp/CBD products. What more could you want?”

“Great company with even better products, their CBD is by far the best I’ve found. I have enjoyed every product I’ve tried. Thank you”

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Blog Post: Some customer reviews


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