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March 17, 2022
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April 12, 2022
cbd for pets

Here on the Oregon hemp farm, we have many animals. There is Tom the Cat, Otto the dog, chickens, tadpoles recently hatched in the pond, new baby chicks will be added soon and we will also be getting a few goats shortly. Talk about a lot going on. There’s always something or someone to tend to. Not to mention the many birds that live and hunt around our farm.

Because CBD is so great for your skin and has some really amazing healing properties, we use our products topically on our animals if they get a cut or an infection. CBD speeds up the healing process! We have used our CBD Tincture and our CBD Salve on Otto. Otto spends his days helping our with farm chores, which means he’s a true farm pup. You never know what he could be getting himself into. He’s always interested in what Peter and the crew are up to. He likes to play with the other dogs that come out and visit. And his favorite thing is walking through the forest.

Here’s a great article about the many ways the dog or pets in your life could benefit from CBD. CBD for pets¬†

Tom, our nosey kitty, loves to be all over us in the office. Any time we sit down, Tom is right there ready to snuggle on your lap or walk all over your keyboard. He’s very helpful like that. When we aren’t growing organic hemp flower, we are spending time with our farm animals, cooking meals together, taking forest walks, and still taking family trips with our grown children. We feel very blessed, and we have our animals to thank for never a dull moment here at Whole Circle Farms.

cbd for pets




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