March 2022 Newsletter
March 17, 2022
May Newsletter: Challenges
May 27, 2022
April News

April 2022 Farm News

Who’s ready 

Spring is always a time that lifts my soul. Our youngest son Carsen, was born on the First Day of Spring 21 years ago. Spring time is when we see the farm come to life. It’s the time we begin the journey of planting as well as the time to clean and organize.

2016 was our first Hemp Crop Planted. This makes our 7th year planting. Wow, have we learned a lot? Every year we think we have it figured out but Mother Nature always seems to throw us a new set of challenges.

Be The First To Hear: SEEDS!

This year we will be planting our hemp crop in May. We will have some new varieties such as Hawaiian Haze and Suver Haze. We will also be planting some our old favorites such as Special Sauce and CBG White. We will be rotating the location of our hemp as the hemp plant depletes the soil of many nutrients and by rotating, we can feed the field and give the soil time to rebuild. We use a 3-year rotation by dividing the field into 3 parts. We are able to plant cover crops and apply animal nutrients to prepare our soil.

Birds and frogs galore

As we are so fortunate to have room to roam around the farm where we can see the tadpole eggs, baby chicks, and birds hunting.  We just recently caught sight of our longtime resident Harriers mate. They are a very entertaining bird to watch as they hover over our fields to find their prey. They are hunting long hours and we have had the joy to see the male drop a mouse midair for the female to catch and continue onto what we believe to be her nest! Having a large organic field allows the wildlife to call this farm their home. We are keeping a log of all the bird species that visit or live here. One day I will share this list with you all.

Spring cleaning

Part of the spring cleaning around the farm is repairing and building new fences. Some of these fences are 40 years old and last Feb 2021 we had an ice storm that wreaked havoc on our trees and fences.  The storm took several of our Oak trees which we have replanted about 30 more Oaks. There are still hundreds of limbs hanging and every windstorm we have is a reminder of the big ice storm. Many of the large limbs fell and destroyed our fence which was already in a sad shape. We are now cleaning the bottom of the forest area as we build new and repair the farm border fence. The forest cleaning is an overwhelming task, but we are committed to getting the job done.

Thank You 

Peter and I feel we are stewards of our farmland, and it is a privileged to live and work here. It truly is an honor to grow this medicinal plant and to know we are providing the highest quality product possible to our family, friends, and dear customers for their healing. We thank you for supporting us and using our products.

Rochelle and Peter

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