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November Newsletter 2022
November 29, 2022
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January 2023 Newsletter
January 10, 2023

December Newsletter 2022

Winter is here and we are enjoying all the fall leaves as well as a bit of snow, fog and rain. We have about 90 acres here at our hemp farm in Oregon. We and feel that it’s our responsibility to care for and nurture this farm. It’s a lot to care for.  Consequently, we feel overwhelmed with keeping track of what weeds are beneficial. Some plants are undoubtedly noxious or even poisonous for our farm animals.

This past week we met with Drew (pictured below) from CREP.  We walked our property with Drew along Powers Creek and explained how we can enter into a 10-year program with their help to enhance our environment. The Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) is a voluntary land retirement program. They help agricultural producers protect environmentally sensitive land, decrease erosion, restore wildlife habitat, as well as safeguard ground and surface water.  As we go through this program, we will give updates and even some before and after photos. While it may be true, this is a very exciting project. We feel we will have the support we need to make the decisions on what to plant and where.

It is very important that we keep our CBD flower in Oregon growing at it’s highest potential. From our CBD farm in Oregon, we procide top quality organic hemp products. We offer CBD gummies, CBD oil, CBD topicals, CBD Flower, and CBD pre-rolls. If you are a business yourself, and would like to have our products in your store, we also offer CBD Wholesale in the US.

December 2022 Newsletter


We have our Hemp Heat Packs highlighted this month. Rochelle had a few bruised ribs and therefore used the heat pack extensively with great success. Straightaway she felt releif with the Hemp Heat Pack. This product combines the therapeutic impact of CBD with aromatherapy and thermapeutic care. It may significantly help with: soreness, stiffness, inflammation and blood circulation. You will need a microwave to heat the packs in.


Undeniably, this heat pack combined with our CBD essential gel is an absolute favorite among our older friends and family. For the Holidays, we are offing a free Heat Pack with every purchase of a 4 oz Essential Gel, as well as an amazing Holiday Gift Bundle at a discount.

Hemp Heat Pack –

Brimming with a combination of organic hemp and natural grains, the Hemp Heat Pack is easy to use and ready in minutes. Microwave heating releases relaxing CBD from the organic hemp and kicks the heat retaining qualities of the flaxseed and wheat into high gear. Treat yourself to this unique product combining the therapeutic impact of CBD with aromatherapy and thermapeutic care. Thoughtfully designed, carefully handcrafted.

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