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Should You Smoke Hemp?

Have you ever wondered,

Why Smoke CBD?

There are great ways to enjoy hemp, and to get that beneficial CBD into your body without smoking it.

Besides it’s mood boosting effects, inflammation reduction, ability to improve sleep and PTSD symptoms, CBD is now showing to block up to 50% of nicotine that gets metabolized by the body. Think of it as a filter. If you start slowly making the switch from cigarettes to CBD flower, you will see a huge increase in your overall health. Are you a cigarette smoker? If so, we are here to encourage you to take control of your health by making small steps to cut out those toxic chemicals. Most CBD smokers report feeling less anxious and stressed after smoking Hemp and it is the quickest way to feel the effects of CBD. 

should you smoke CBD

Washington State University believes that CBD shows promise for reducing cigarette smoking. Click the link below to see their study and article!


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