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March 20, 2023
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April 25, 2023
hemp ginger cookies
Have you ever tried baking with Hemp? If you’re curious about how it would make you feel, we believe this is a very safe and effective way to begin your journey with hemp. Like Karen Moss says, “start low and slow. Cut the cookie into 6 pieces and just try one small piece. Move up from there because everyone’s body processes hemp differently.” Do you have any great recipes to share with us that include hemp? We would love to hear from you!
If you haven’t heard, we found the perfect hemp ginger cookies, created by our good friend Karen Moss. She has a passion for helping people heal with hemp – just like we do!
Karen and Rochelle made a How-To video for these amazing cookies, and we have the link down below.
We love Karen’s famous Hemp Ginger Cookies so much that we created a ground hemp product just for baking these cookies – or any baking really 😉
hemp ginger cookies
Why is this recipe so unique?!
Because it uses the actual ground hemp in the cookies, instead of the hemp extraction like other recipes use. Find our YouTube how-to video here!
With the purchase of our new Ground Hemp – perfect for baking, you will recieve a full recipe card for Hemp Ginger Cookies.
When you purchase our 2 oz bag of Certified Organic Ground Hemp, you will receive a two-sided recipe card! This recipe card shows you exactly how to extract the hemp for baking, and how to bake Hemp Ginger Cookies! YUM!
hemp ginger cookies
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