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Hemp Ginger Cookies!
March 27, 2023
June 2023 Newsletter: Denmark
June 27, 2023

Koch Family’s Favorite Products

When I asked the family which products were their favorites, it was a tough question for most of them. Only because it is hard to narrow it down to just one favorite! Read bellow to see why they chose the products they did and to see pictures of them in action. 

Peter’s Favorite: CBD Gel Capsules
Why: They help me sleep. I take one about an hour before going to bed. When I wake up, I feel like I’m in the same position I went to bed in. Getting a good nights rest is the foundation to the rest of your day!

Rochelle’s: CBD Essential Gel

Why: It has been my go-to product for pain management since after having my Rotator Cuff surgery. I wake up a couple times in the night from shooting pains down my arm. Instead of taking a pill I just reach over and grab my Essential Gel pump and rub some right where the pain is. It takes the pain away so fast  that I just go right back to sleep!

Anna’s Favorite: CBD Essential Gel & CBD Salve!

Why: My favorites product has to be a mix of the two. As a massage therapist I really love the Essential Gel. It is fast acting, with an incredible amount of essential oils to not only help with quick absorption, but also other pain managing oils. But the Gel isn’t as long lasting as the Salve, in my opinion. So I love the CBD Salve (the Jar and the On the Go Stick are the same salve) for it’s long lasting effects- not to mention that you can use it on all open wounds, bug bit, burns, and all rashes and skin conditions! I tend to mix the 2 products together to make them a true super healer. This way you get the quick acting pain relief and the long lasting effects the salve gives. Not to forget- just how yummy the Gel smells! Ahh best of both worlds. The full-spectrum that the salve offers (the whole plant) along with the higher doses of CBD due to the CO2 extraction. You will keep your pain at bay a lot longer by mixing the two products together. Start with the Gel, then put on the Salve.  


Kristian’s Favorite: CBD On The Go Salve Stick

Why: The CBD On the Go Stick is so convenient to have around because it can help heal so many things. I usually put it on cuts and scrapes. But this product is mostly my favorite because it has been the only thing I have found that helps ringworm. Read how CBD is an antifungal!

Carsen’s Favorite: CBD Gummies

Why: Simply because of they way they relax me and how delicious they are. It’s my favorite way to take CBD, well my mom’s chocolate chip hemp cookies are a close second.

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