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September 26, 2023
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Customer testimonials

Trusted Tales: When Our Commitment Meets Your Experience

At Whole Circle Farms, our core values are deeply embedded in honesty, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to purity. Every product we create is a testament to our dedication, ensuring that what reaches your hands is nothing short of excellence. But while we can talk endlessly about our stringent quality standards and ethical practices, nothing resonates more profoundly than the voices of our valued customers.

Receiving your testimonials, reading your stories, and experiencing our products through your words is profoundly heartwarming. It reaffirms our dedication and fuels our passion to continue our journey.

As you read through these genuine testimonials from our cherished community, know that they are the embodiment of our mission: a mission of purity, transparency, and a promise kept. We invite you to read these trusted tales and discover the Whole Circle experience through the voices of those who’ve walked with us.

Customer’s Testimonials

~ “Just wanted to pass on that a coworker met you at Octoberfest and bought some gummies from you. A week later I broke my arm. I mentioned that the pain was nasty but handled with Ibuprofen, but sleeping was really a challenge. I told him I have always been a restless sleeper. The moving around with the broken arm was waking me up all the time! He mentioned that he has has similar sleeping challenges and suggested CBD.

I was a bit leery, honestly. I was a stoner in my younger years and I don’t partake anymore. He explained that this was something completely different. He gave me 5 CBD gummies and said to try one, but up to three if just one didn’t work for me and let him know how I slept. This was a Friday. My Wife told me on Saturday morning that I slept hard the previous night and said I must have been extra tired. I told her about the gummy I took and she immediately say to get some! She said that Friday night was the best sleep SHE had received in our 30+ years sharing the same bed! Huge THANKS to you guys! Can’t wait to make this a daily supplement to relax me before bed.”


~ “I wanted to let you know that my daughter gifted me one of your pre-rolled cbg/cbd that she had bought at the farmers market up in Portland area. I’ve had back and neuropathy since 2019. So I used some of your pre-roll’s and it took my pain away immediately. I decided to see if I could order from you online and was so happy to see that I could. Thank you so much, I am looking forward to receiving my order :)”


~ “I don’t usually write “fan letters” but I fell (at 79) only my right side and bruised up my shoulder. Oral pain meds were not my preference and OTC rubs and creams didn’t work. I could not sleep all night and would get out of bed unable to lift a cup of coffee. Not a good start to any day!! My daughter sent me the On The Go Salve Stick of full spectrum hemp which I use every single night. Ever day, on waking, I thank God for your product. Doctors can still not explain why my shoulder still feels injured after my fall. I tell everyone about your products and how well they have worked for me.”


~ “To deal with bone pain in my shoulder from a fall, my daughter in Portland let me try her CBD Salve. Allowed me to sleep and I didn’t have to ingest Tylenol PM or aspirin. Spoke with my doctor who approved of my using your product. I will be ordering a refill shortly, thanks for reminding me.”


~ “Whole Circle Farms is my ride or die for hemp. In an industry full of untrustworthy businesses and grifters, WCF stands alone. I have been burned by the Hempire scammers who sell a bottom-barrel contaminated product. By comparison WCF offers consistently excellent quality at very fair prices. Organic hemp flower is hard to find! I will keep coming back to this locally owned small business.”


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