Our Hemp Farm

Our family moved to Oregon after 22 years of farming organic almonds and pomegranates in California. We named our farm Whole Circle Farm because we believe that everything is connected. Air, Water, healthy, nutrient-dense soil and the environment including natural insects to work their magic are all part of that circle. We believe farming organically is essential to being sustainable in today's agricultural environment. In July 2018 our 2018 Hemp crop is certified Organic from Certified Kind.

What we Grow

We grow the finest industrial hemp in Oregon and refine our hemp into therapeutic, healing, CBD products. At Whole Circle Farms, we believe in the power of CBD. We produce the state's highest quality CBD cones, tinctures, cartridges, salves, tea, mints and we're always expanding our product line. The health benefits are incredible, and we hope you enjoy our natural CBD products as much as we do.

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Read an interview we did with Our Town about our farm, our practices, and why we are so passionate about our hemp.

“The Constitution was written on hemp paper,” Peter said. “The flag was made out of hemp.” Now those old farming traditions have been virtually lost and the Kochs and other new hemp farmers in Bend and Monmouth must look to other countries for farming advice. “We’re reading stuff that’s coming from Canada and Slovakia,” Rochelle said.

Melissa Wagoner



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