Harvest Is Officially Over and The Cover Crops Are Planted! 2021

Farmers using Cover Crops has been a controversial topic until recently, where it’s being used more often. Now what exactly is a cover crop and how is it useful? First off, it is purely used to benefit our Cannabis plants (CBD, CBG, CBDV) and is not intended for harvest. Every year after we are finished harvesting our luscious plant for you, we are quick to plant the cover crop over every bit of land for growing. This assures that our cannabis plants will be getting more nutrient dense soil, test higher for organic matter and grow vibrantly for the next years crop. Along with that, it also allows for less dirt erosion and more arrogation. This is due to the roots creating little tunnels for the air flow to be more free and sporadic. Another bonus…The roots have the ability to filter out bad chemicals, such as Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Less then 5% of crop land uses Cover Crops so we are proud to use and bring awareness to the amazing abilities they have.

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