Pre-Roll Variety Pack – 6 Strain Bundle (6 count)


Pre-Roll Variety Pack – Six Strain Bundle includes 1 gram pre-roll of each hemp strain: Elektra, Lifter, Special Sauce, ACDC, Hulk, and CBG White. Try each strain and pick your favorite! *Plus added bonus: Hemp Wick included for cleaner lighting! Simply light the hemp wick with your regular lighter, and use that flame to light the pre-roll. No more inhaling lighter fluids! And notice the taste – the enhanced flavor of each hemp strain and its terpenes!

Click to view the COA (Certificate of Analysis – aka Lab Test Results) of each strain:

ACDC – CBD 5.6%

Elektra – CBD 8.8%

Hulk – CBD 16.1%

Lifter – CBD 9.5%

Special Sauce – CBD 11.3%

CBG White – CBGA 13.4%


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