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Hemp Seeds


Pack of 11 Non-Sexed Hemp seeds grown in Oregon. 2 strains to choose from : Tangier Kush or Orange Cobbler

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Introducing Whole Circle Farms Hemp Seeds – Your Gateway to Hemp Cultivation

We’re excited to announce our latest offering – Hemp Seeds! Now, you can embark on your hemp-growing journey with ease. We present two exceptional strains for you to choose from: Tangier Kush and Orange Cobbler. Each pack includes a generous 11 non-sexed hemp seeds, setting the stage for your hemp cultivation adventure. Call us if you have any questions.

Tangier Kush: A Marvel from Colorado

Tangier Kush, also known as Tangistan Kush/R4 or T1, hails from the picturesque landscapes of Colorado. This strain boasts a captivating blend of terpenes, featuring notes of Mandarin Orange, Honey Dew, and Incense. Specifically, the origins of Tangier Kush trace back to @Hombrew420, where it was meticulously crafted by crossing Dudes Diesel with Pakistani Chitral Kush. Then this initial cross was further refined by introducing the R4 plant.

The result? Short, stocky plants adorned with resplendent buds that mature in just 7-8 weeks of flowering. What truly sets this strain apart is its remarkable CBD to THC ratio. Testing has shown an astonishing 25.4:1 CBD to THC ratio, making it a standout choice for those seeking the potential wellness benefits of CBD.

Orange Cobbler: A Fruity Delight

Orange Cobbler, a delightful fusion of Rhubarb Pie F2 and Tangie Hemp, is a strain that lives up to its name. Derived from the Rhubarb Pie cut, courtesy of Family Tree, this strain exudes fruity goodness. With a remarkable 29:1 CBD to THC ratio, it offers the potential for a truly enriching hemp cultivation experience. View the testing here.

Both Tangier Kush and Orange Cobbler are curated to provide you with exceptional genetics for your hemp-growing aspirations. Whether you’re an experienced cultivator or a newcomer to the world of hemp cultivation, these seeds offer an opportunity to engage with the hemp plant in its purest form.

Cultivate your hemp garden, explore the intricacies of these extraordinary strains, and witness the beauty of nature’s bounty. With Whole Circle Farms Hemp Seeds, your hemp-growing journey begins here.

A Word from Whole Circle Farms:

At Whole Circle Farms, we are dedicated to sustainable, organic farming practices, and our commitment to quality shines through in every product we offer. Therefore, our Hemp Seeds are no exception, and we are thrilled to share these exceptional strains with you.

Join us in celebrating the wonder of hemp cultivation. Get your Hemp Seeds today and embark on a journey of growth, wellness, and natural abundance.

Note: Hemp cultivation regulations may vary by location, so please be aware of and adhere to your local laws and regulations.

Start your hemp-growing adventure with Whole Circle Farms Hemp Seeds – where nature’s potential meets your green thumb!



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