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CBD Capsules- 25 mg
August 8, 2022
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Ground Hemp – Perfect for baking
October 25, 2022

Hemp Seeds


Pack of 11 Non-Sexed Hemp seeds grown in Oregon. 4 strains to choose from : Grenade Pluots | Monk Fruit | Tangier Kush | Orange Cobbler

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Now offering a pack of Hemp Seeds, so you can grow hemp too! We have 2 strains to choose from:  Tangier Kush and Orange Cobbler. Each pack comes with 11 non-sexed hemp seeds.


Tangier Kush

Tangistan Kush/R4 aka T1 is one of the most beautiful varieties to come out of Colorado.
The terpenes are comprised of Mandarin Orange, Honey Dew, and Incense.
The original cross was made at @Hombrew420 by crossing Dudes Diesel with Pakistani Chitral Kush and then crossing the plant with R4.
This cross produces short stocky plants with beautiful buds that can be harvested at 7-8 weeks of flowering time. This phenotype tested at 25.4:1 CBD to THC on test result shared

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Orange Cobbler

Rhubarb Pie F2  x Tangie Hemp. This Rhubarb Pie cut is from Family Tree. This cut is very fruity and apply named. This phenotype tested a 29:1 CBD to THC

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