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June 2, 2017
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June 7, 2017

Hemp Teas



Hemp tea starts as a healthy hemp plant grown on our Certified Organic Hemp farm in Silverton, OR. We use the raw buds and leaves from our plants for our teas, making it a Whole-Plant product containing a Full-Spectrum of natural plant terpenes and cannabinoids. This product is straight from our field to your tea pot! We recommend it steep up to 4 hours in hot water for best results. This tea has a curiously strong cannabis flavor, and the longer it steeps the stronger it becomes. Each serving can be brewed twice. For best results we recommend using a coffee press to steep your tea. (Coffee press NOT included.)

This is a 100% natural product, without any additives or preservatives. It contains no GMO’s, artificial flavoring, coloring or caffeine. Hemp is Certified Organic by USDA & Oregon Tilth. Flavored teas are made with natural Organic peppermint leaves & Organic licorice root, all 100% Oregon-grown. Click here to view our clean pesticide test. Click here to view the Lab Testing Results (COA) for Hemp Teas.


Hemp Tea Flavors:

• (Plain) Certified Organic Hemp – Contains: 40g of Certified Organic hemp buds & leaves.

• Peppermint + Hemp – Contains: 40g of Certified Organic hemp buds & leaves mixed with Organic peppermint leaves.

• Naturally Sweet – Contains: 40g of Certified Organic hemp buds & leaves, Organic peppermint leaves, Organic licorice root.

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