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February 27, 2023
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June 2023 Newsletter: Denmark

June 2023 Newsletter: Denmark

June 2023 Newsletter: Denmark

Indeed, having relatives residing in Denmark might be considered one of the most compelling reasons for my union with Peter. Surprisingly, this realization didn’t fully occur until May 2023. Upon arriving in Denmark, we wholeheartedly immersed ourselves in the Danish culture, enveloped by the splendor of stunning architecture and the quaint charm of homes adorned with flowers, flags, and the warm glow of candles. Our exploration led us outdoors, navigating cobblestone streets that bore witness to the long history of Copenhagen. Amid the mix of modern architecture and century-old structures engineered to withstand the harsh trials of protracted winters, a unique ambiance enveloped us. It’s an ambiance that imparts a distinct “Danish community” aura.The colors of the houses permeate into my joyful emotions and make me feel as if I am on a hunt to find which Danish city is the best!
     I know I must be careful speaking about Denmark because some may think it is like a religion, and we could go on for hours. Writing a book on our experiences visiting Denmark could be in my future. Having a mother-n-law that was Danish brought so much Danish culture into our lives. She taught our children at a very young age many of the stories, songs and food that began to be normal for us. Some examples are the use of flags, candles, long healthy meals, and many Christmas traditions.

    It was our joy to be able to stay in 10 different beds during this visit. We were able to absorb a feeling of the happiness that the Danes are famous for. They do not go around singing “I am happy”, but there is a feeling of contentment with their government, a profound trust of the leadership and a trust that runs deep. We have seen this over and over in our conversations. An example is the Dantaxi. It is not like Lyft or Uber because the Taxi driver deserves to make a living wage. If you can’t afford the Taxi you simply walk or take your bike. What about needing to work more years before retirement? We were told “my country needs me to”! Wow! Healthcare and schooling are rights which sets up a healthy and educated society. There is a deep, profound appreciation for their country.

I have been deeply moved, almost to tears, by the revelation that citizens in a country could exhibit such profound pride, trust, and contentment with their government. It’s a sentiment I hadn’t encountered before – a mixture of astonishment and unfamiliarity with processing such emotions. Notably, what stands out from our experiences is the aftermath of their 2022 election. The victory of 45-year-old Mette Frederiksen from the Social Democrat party marked a pivotal moment. She made the decision to forge a central government by sharing power with the other two major parties, resulting in a coalition government composed of three parties. This unconventional approach is an experiment in governance, prompting contemplation. Could we ever envision any of our American political parties relinquishing power for the greater welfare of our citizens and nation? Amid their unity and cooperation, Denmark’s example presents a question worth pondering.

 Driving through farmland,  we noticed the lack of spray for weed control on the roadsides. We saw fields with weeds. Yes, large fields with weeds covering the ground and nourishing the soil, and real pasture livestock rotation without overgrazing. We were told more than once that all water from the tap is safe to drink. The organic produce was cheaper and more abundant in the grocery stores. On windy days the electricity is free due to the wind turbines. You can follow an app which tells you what your daily cost of electricity is.

    During our travels, we had the privilege of exploring a modern and picturesque pig farm. Notably, Denmark boasts more pigs than people, with a staggering ratio of over 2 pigs per person. Amid our journey, an enriching highlight awaited us—an enlightening visit to an organic hemp facility. Yet, it’s clear that Denmark’s journey in the cannabis realm has much ground to cover. Hemp laws remain outdated, and marijuana legalization lags by approximately two decades. Our encounter with Bornholmer Hampen left us elated, as we savored hemp tea and shared industry frustrations. Signe, a visionary, crafts hemp flour, oil, lip balm, salves, and soap, accompanied by her husband Emmanuel. As they tread this path, a formidable road stretches ahead, and they navigate it without the support of a broader hemp association. For those in Denmark, their website is www.bornholmerhampen.dk. A heartfelt appreciation to Signe for her time and inspiration.

Happy summer and remember to hug a farmer!


– Rochelle
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