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Trip to Argentina: August Newsletter 2023
August 31, 2023
November Newsletter
November Newsletter 2023
November 21, 2023

September 2023 Fall Newsletter

Welcoming the Beauty of Fall

The onset of fall in September is my favorite time of year. It marks the transformation of leaves, the joyous spirit of the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest, and the anticipation of the Hemp Harvest.

Our Commitment to Regenerative Agriculture

Being organic and being regenerative are not one and the same. So, what exactly is regenerative agriculture? Over the next few months, we will delve into the principles of regenerative agriculture. Today, our focus is on one essential component: the soil.

In our continuous effort to promote sustainability, all our vacant fields have been planted with organic pasture. This not only paves the way for the arrival of more goats and cattle, but also infuses our soil with optimal nutrients. Over the past few years, we’ve dedicated our efforts towards enriching the soil. It has been nothing short of inspiring to witness the soils rejuvenation. After 8 years of cover crops, crop rotation, following the introduction of animal nutrients, we are now able to see earth worms, beetles, spiders, ants, and other soil life.

Photo of Rochelle parents and of Peter with last years cover crops going to seed.
Celebrating Mt. Angel Oktoberfest

In my view, the Mt. Angel Oktoberfest stands unparalleled, even though it’s officially rated as the second best in the US. Our presence at the Whole Circle Farms Booth was a fantastic experience, enabling us to introduce the benefits of our products to a broader audience. Our favorite band, S-Bahn from Canada, never fails to bring laughter and always bring us to our feet singing. These four days of great weather and music undoubtedly had boosted our endorphin levels, ensuring we remain in high spirits for months to come.

Peter singing with friends and Rochelle with Jim – member of the S-Bahn band.
The Season of Harvest

The slight nip in the air signals that it’s time to commence the harvest. The aroma carried by the autumn wind is a poignant reminder of how fortunate we are that the hemp plant has been legalized since 2015. While there still remains states entangled in legal battles and individuals incarcerated due to cannabis, we’re thankful that Oregon pioneered the legalization of cannabis, allowing us to tap into its countless healing properties.

A Special Birthday Dedication

I would also like to shout out a birthday greeting for my Mom who turns 88 this year. My mom and Dad made a big impact by always encouraging us even when they may have had second thoughts when Peter and I purchased 47 acres in the central valley California with nothing on it but a dilapidated barn and 2 box cars bolted together as a home. We did not have computers, cell phones or anyone to help us get started. No tractors or even much knowledge. But we had our parents blessings and a very strong determination. We had 3 years of experience in Oregon raising calves and we jumped in all the way. I celebrate the years my parents gave us support and love and not a negative word. Mom your 53 years of marriage set a big foundation and I want to celebrate your love and partnership you had and the examples you gave for us to follow. Your legacy of love and unity is a gift that keeps on giving. May this birthday be filled with love and joy surrounded by all your family.

Warm Regards,

Rochelle Koch

Whole Circle Farms

My mom helping us with our first hemp harvest ever.
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