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June 7, 2017
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August 28, 2017

CBDV/CBG Hemp Pre-Rolls 5-Pack


Click here to view our clean pesticide test. (All strains grown in the same field = 1 test for all.)


Click on each strain below to view its Lab Testing Results (COA).

(LOQ = Test results below the Limit of Quantitation = not detected)


CBDV Forbidden 2021 total cannabinoids 13.1% | THC 0.254%

CBDV Pine Walker 2021 – total cannabinoids 10.4% | THC 0.187%

CBG Opulence – CBG 13.3% | total cannabinoids 13.7% | THC LOQ

CBG Stem Cell – CBG 11.1% | total cannabinoids 11.6% | THC 0.176%

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CBDV/CBG Hemp Pre-Rolls 5-Pack

Our hand crafted Pre-Rolls come straight from our Certified Organic Hemp field in Silverton, OR. We use a RAW paper cone and pack in 1 gram of high-quality hemp flower. Select from CBDV and CBG hemp strains. These 5-pack of CBDV/CBG Hemp Pre-Rolls have many beneficial values. This is a Whole-Plant product containing a Full-Spectrum of natural plant terpenes and cannabinoids. There are no GMO’s, additives, preservatives, flavoring, coloring, nicotine, or caffeine.

What can Hemp Flower do for you?

Smoking hemp flower can most definitely help you relax and unwind. Many of our customers tell us they smoke hemp as an alternative to nicotine or marijuana.  You may see improvements in your mood, sleep, headaches, depression, and/or anxiety. Hemp and CBD can also help with inflammation and pain. Each strain has it’s own balances of terpenes, just like how our body chemistry is different from the next person. If you haven’t found which strain perfectly suits your needs, we suggest trying our Pre-Rolls Variety Pack.

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If you’re interested in purchasing flower to make your own tea blend or roll your own, we recommend our certified organic bulk hemp tea or hemp biomass.

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Welcome to our hemp farm in Oregon, where we grow certified organic hemp flower. We provide you top organic CBD hemp flower strains like opulence, Lavender CBG, Stem Cell, Special Sauce, White CBG, and so much more! From our Oregon hemp flower we produce CBD products such as hemp tea, CBD salve stick, CBD mints, and more! Thank you for browsing our website, we appreciate your interest! If you believe in our mission to bring healing to our bodies and our planet, please leave us a Google Review here. Thank you.

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